Earth core drilling Auger

Core Drilling equipment designed for manual drilling and bait station installations. Augers designed for heavy duty service and cladded with a wear resistant surface on cutting edges to improve life of product. Tee handle accessories available in standard and custom configured applications.

One piece Tee handle assembly with a bump post feature to help auger clean out. Turn T-handle upside down and bump handle on ground to clean out.  This saves time and damage to augers.

Threaded Tee handles utilize 5/8-11 threaded connections to accept existing extension rods of varying lengths.


                                                          Threaded T-Handle assembly with 24" extension rod and auger

                                                                    One piece T-handle with bump post for auger clean out

                                                 Turn T-Handle upside down and bump on ground to remove compacted soils

                                                                                       Bump post and pad feature